A simulation of a metal plate echo effect.
A bright, highly dense plate reverb.
The bright, transparent plate sound that is popular on the West Coast.
A spring reverb simulation with a longish pre-delay.
A rather coarse reverb with extra low-range energy. Good with vocals and
A bright, light plate sound.
The plate echo that would be created by an extremely thin metal plate.
Complex reverb with a sub-reverb tail (when INPUT SELECT is set to L-
A short, somewhat dark plate reverb.
A short, bright plate reverb for percussion. Adjust the pre-delay to match
the tempo.
A short, light-sounding reverb. Perfect for cymbals.
Three longish plate reverbs, each of which features different high-range
A plate reverb for use with vocals. Designed for ballads and other slow
A slightly darker-sounding reverb than “Vocal Plate 1.”
A slightly chorused reverb. Good with guitars and keyboards.
An echo/reverb combination for vocals and solo instruments during live
A short plate reverb with a chopped low range. Good with analog rhythm
machines, etc.
Plate reverbs with very long reverb times. “String Space” is bright with a broad band-
width, whereas “Cave” is dark with heavy low-range components. Good for pad synths.
A plate reverb with a very long tail (when INPUT SELECT is set to L-
A reverb with symphonic effect. Good for guitars and keyboards.
A slightly flanged long reverb. Beautiful used with guitar arpeggios, etc.
A plate reverb with a gate envelope. Good with snare drums and such.
No. Title Effect Type*
1 Basic Plate REVERB
2 Beauty Plate REVERB
4 Delayed Spring REVERB
5 Fat Plate REVERB
6 Light Plate REVERB
7 Thin Plate REVERB
8 Rev with Tail REVERB
9 Short Plate REVERB
10 Perc. Plate 1 REVERB
11 Perc. Plate 2 REVERB
12 Long Plate 1
13 Long Plate 2 REVERB
14 Long Plate 3
15 Vocal Plate 1 REVERB
16 Vocal Plate 2 REVERB
17 Vocalese REV+CHO
18 Live Plate ECHOREV
19 Industrial Rev REVERB
20 Strings Space REVERB
21 Cave
22 Super Long REVERB
23 Mod Plate REVSYM
24 Water Reverb REVFLG
25 Gate Plate REVGATE
* Refer to pages 10 through 13 for details regarding effect types.
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