A short reverb combined with a flanger. Good with organs, strings, etc.
Short reverbs combined with chorus. The longer pre-delay of “Chorus Circles”
emphasizes the sense of separation between the reverb and chorus effects.
A flanger-like effect with a resonance point that varies with the input level.
A reverb with the resonance point set at E.
Four variations on the reverb/flanger theme. The flanger effect becomes
more pronounced as the program number increases.
Five combinations of reverb and tremolo. The tremolo becomes faster as
the program number increases. “Shake Shake” and “Sample & Hold” use
square wave modulation for a pronounced tremolo effect. Adjust the
tremolo speed to suit the song.
An echo with more feedback further away from stereo center. (Use with
An effect that combines a repeat delay with a short reverb.
Effects that change the sound depending on the input level; turns acoustic
drums into synth drums. “Dyna Filter 1” has a long decay; “Dyna Filter 2”
has a short decay. “Dyna Filter 3” uses the resonator, for a different effect.
An attempt at a reverse gate effect. Good with drums and guitars.
A special effect that uses the maximum pre-delay and early reflection
Four gated reverb variations. Change the hold time and gate level as
needed for the best effect.
No. Title Effect Type*
1 Flange Room REVFLG
2 Reverb Chorus REV+CHO
3 Chorus Circles
4 Rez Sweep Hall REVRESO
5 Shadow Reverb REVRESO
6 Sweep Reverb
7 Rev Flange 1 REVFLG
8 Rev Flange 2
9 Heavy Flange
10 Pan Reverb
11 Rev Tremolo
12 Skinny Plate REVTRM
13 Shake Shake
14 Sample & Hold
15 Pan Feedback ECHOREV
16 Long Echo ECHOREV
17 Dyna Filter 1 REVDFIL
18 Dyna Filter 2
19 Dyna Filter 3 REVRESO
20 Backward REVCHO
21 Industry REVERB
22 Natural Gate
23 Drum Fizz Gate REVGATE
24 Techno Gate
25 Gate for Loop
* Refer to pages 10 through 13 for details regarding effect types.
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