In this effect type, the output from the reverb is fed into a tremolo effect.
Saving Edited Programs
Parameter Ctrl. No. Range Description
FB LVL 82 -100
+100 [%] Level of feedback to own channel
CROSS FB 83 -100
+100 [%] Level of feedback to opposite channel
In this effect type, the output of the reverb’s PRE DELAY block is fed back into the reverb input to produce
an echo effect.
Parameter Ctrl. No. Range Description
SPEED 78 0.05
10.0 [Hz] Modulation frequency
DEPTH 79 0
100 [%] Modulation depth
PHASE 80 0
354.4 [°] Phase difference between right and left channels
WAVE 81 SINE, TRI, SQR Waveform used by low frequency oscillator
You must save the programs you have edited before
selecting a different program or turning off the REV500, or
the changes you make will be lost.
To save a program, press the STORE key. The program
number in the LCD will begin to flash, and the REV500 will
ask you if it’s okay to store the program. (If you are editing a
preset program, the memory area indicator under the
program number will automatically change to USER.)
If you want to save your program under a different program
number, use the PROGRAM NUMBER keys to change the
program number. (You cannot change the program type,
however.) Press STORE a second time when you are sure
you’re ready to save the program, and the REV500 will
If you decide you’d rather not store the program after all,
simply press the PROGRAM TYPE key or the PRESET/
USER key, and the display will return to normal.
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