Storing Data with MIDI Bulk Dumps
The REV500 is capable of transmitting its data as bulk
dumps, for storage in a sequencer or other MIDI device. To
use this function, first make sure that the REV500 is
properly connected to the device that is to receive the data,
and that the MIDI channels of the two devices match.
Next, press UTILITY. If necessary, press the UTILITY key
again until the MIDI BULK DUMP display appears:
Bulk dump type
Program selection
Use the REV TIME control to select the type of bulk dump
to be transmitted. The REV500 is capable of sending four
types of bulk data:
MIDI Bulk Dumps
Dump Type Data transmitted
ALL All data (system setup data, all user
programs, and program table data)
SYSTEM All system setup data
PGM Data for all programs, or data for a
single specified program
PGM TABLE MIDI program table data
If you select PGM as the bulk dump type, you must select
the program to be dumped. Use the PRE DELAY control to
move the cursor to the program selection, and the REV
TIME control to change the setting. If you select ALL PGM,
the REV500 will send the data for all user programs as a
single dump. You may also select a single user program and
store it externally using an individual data dump.
When you are satisfied with your selection, press the STORE
key. The REV500 will execute the data dump.
When you are finished transmitting data, press one of the
PROGRAM keys to exit the utility mode.
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