6. Clean with a soft dry cloth.
Never use solvents such as benzine or thinner to
clean the REV500. Wipe the unit clean with a soft,
dry cloth.
7. Always use the correct power supply.
Make sure that the power requirements listed on the
rear panel of the REV500 match your local AC
8. Have the back-up battery replaced regularly.
The REV500 has a long-life lithium battery that
maintains the contents of the user memory even
when the REV500 is off. Under normal use, the
battery should last several years. However, Yamaha
strongly recommends that you have the battery
replaced by a qualified Yamaha service center
every five years, to prevent the accidental loss of
valuable data.
Should the battery’s voltage fall below a certain
level, the message “LOW BATTERY” will appear in
the LCD when you turn the REV500 on. If this
happens, it means that contents of your REV500’s
user memory have been lost. Have the backup
battery replaced immediately.
Prompt and regular replacement of the back-up
battery is necessary to prevent the loss of important
data. In addition, if possible, you should use the
MIDI bulk dump function (see page 17) regularly to
store backup copies of your REV500’s data in a
MIDI sequencer other MIDI device. This will allow
you to recover your data should the back-up battery
run down sooner than you think.
1. Select a suitable location.
Keep the REV500 away from locations where it is
likely to be exposed to high temperatures or
humidity—such as near radiators, stoves, etc. Also
avoid locations which are subject to excessive dust
accumulation or vibrations that could cause
mechanical damage, and locations subject to strong
electromagnetic fields such as those produced by
broadcast equipment.
2. Avoid physical shocks.
Strong physical shocks can damage the REV500.
Handle the REV500 with care.
3. Do not open the case or attempt repairs or
modifications yourself.
This product contains no user-serviceable parts.
Refer all maintenance and repair work to qualified
Yamaha service personnel. Opening the case and/
or tampering with the internal circuitry voids the
4. Always turn the power off before making
Always turn the power OFF before connecting or
disconnecting cables. Failure to do so may damage
the REV500 as well as other connected equipment.
5. Handle cables carefully.
Always grip the connector, not the cord itself, when
plugging and unplugging cables (including the AC
power cord).
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