1INPUT LEVEL control and meter
The INPUT LEVEL control sets the input level for both
the right and left input channels. It is accompanied by a
stereo LED meter that shows the levels of the signals
received by the REV500 after A/D conversion. Lighting
of the red CLIP LEDs thus indicates clipping of the
digital signal. You should adjust the control so that the
CLIP LEDs do not light.
These keys let you choose the program that the REV500
will use to process the input sound.
The TYPE key selects the type of effect program to be
used: HALL, ROOM, PLATE, or SPECIAL. The current
program type selection is displayed in the upper left
corner of the LCD.
The PRESET/USER key selects between the PRESET
and USER program memory areas. The currently
selected memory area is displayed under the program
number in the LCD. It is possible to change the
parameters of a preset program, but the edited program
must be stored as a user program.
The NUMBER keys are used to select different programs
within the chosen program type and memory area. The
number and title of the currently selected program are
displayed in the top row of the LCD.
This LCD normally displays information about the
currently selected program. It also displays graphic
information about basic parameters being edited, as well
as a variety of other messages related to the REV500’s
utility functions.
Front Panel
1 2 4 63 7 958
These controls let you edit the basic parameters of the
selected program.
The PRE DELAY control sets the amount of time that
will elapse before the onset of early reflections. It also
functions as a cursor control, which you can turn to
select the parameter or character to be modified when
using the REV500’s utility functions.
The REV TIME control sets the amount of time needed
for the reverberation to decay. It also functions as a data
entry control, which you can turn to change the values of
selected items when using the REV500’s utility
The HI-RATIO control sets the reverb time for the high-
frequency components of the reverb, as a proportion of
the overall reverb time set using the REV TIME control.
The ER LEVEL control sets the level of the early
reflection component of the reverb. It is also used, in
combination with the EFF LEVEL key, to adjust the
overall effect output level.
5EFF LEVEL key and LED
This key lets you use the ER LEVEL control to set the
overall effect output level. When the LED above this key
is lit, the ER LEVEL control will adjust the effect level
instead of the early reflection level.
6STORE key
This key is used to store modified programs, and to
execute MIDI bulk dumps.
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