Standard hall-type reverbs that simulate large halls with good acoustics. May be
used with any instrument. “Large Hall 1” is bright; “Large Hall 2” is slightly darker.
A reverb that simulates the feel of a large hall with no audience.
A bright reverb with breadth, thanks to slightly emphasized early reflec-
A reverb with the low-range characteristics of an arena-sized concert space.
A bright reverb with a punch.
A light, bright hall reverb. Good with percussion.
A rather dark hall reverb. Recommended for use with songs in minor keys.
Reverbs that simulate the acoustics of high-vaulted cathedrals. “Church 1”
is dark; “Church 2” is brighter, with more reflections.
Standard medium-sized hall reverbs. “Medium Hall 1” is bright, with many
reflections; “Medium Hall 2” is dark and dense.
A hall-type reverb with natural-sounding acoustics.
Reverbs that simulate acoustically ideal small halls. “Small Hall 1” is
bright and live-sounding; “Small Hall 2” is somewhat darker.
A hall reverb with a growling chorus attack. Good for vocals and solo
Longish hall reverbs for use with slow vocals. “Ballad Voc 1” is bright
and dense; “Ballad Voc 2” is dark and slightly less dense.
A long reverb with flanged high ranges, for a spacy sound. Good with pad-
type synths.
A short reverb with a warm flanger sound. Good for strings and organs.
A hall reverb with chorus added for extra thickness. Good with pianos and
pad-type synths.
A reverb that captures the feel of an analog delay or tape echo. Good with
vocals or solos.
A gated hall reverb with a long pre-delay.
A gated hall reverb, intended for use with bass drums.
A gated hall reverb, intended for use with snare drums.
No. Title Effect Type*
1 Large Hall 1 REVERB
2 Large Hall 2
3 Empty Hall REVERB
4 Big Slap Hall REVERB
5 Arena REVERB
6 New Hall REVERB
7 Wonder Hall REVERB
8 Dark Hall REVERB
9 Church 1 REVERB
10 Church 2
11 Medium Hall 1 REVERB
12 Medium Hall 2
13 Concert Hall REVERB
14 Small Hall 1 REVERB
15 Small Hall 2
16 Gothic Hall REV+CHO
17 Ballade Voc 1 REVERB
18 Ballade Voc 2
19 Rev for Pads REVFLG
20 Ensemble Rev REVFLG
21 Chorus Reverb REVCHO
22 Slapped Echo ECHOREV
23 Flutter Hall REVGATE
24 Kick Gate REVGATE
25 Snare Gate REVGATE
REV500 Preset Program List
* Refer to pages 10 through 13 for details regarding effect types.
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