A reverb that simulates a large room with hard walls, for a slightly quirky
thick sound.
A large room reverb, slightly drier than “Large Room 1.”
A room reverb with a very live nonlinear sound. Good with drums and
Reverbs that simulate the sound of a room with live acoustics. Use “Live Room 1” to
simulate greater distance from the sound source, or “Live Room 2” for front-row seats.
A simulation of the reverb in a tile-walled bathroom.
A live-sounding reverb with the feel of a medium-sized recording studio.
A reverb that simulates the sound of a garage performance.
The nonlinear reverb sound of a small studio with emphatic high-range
A reverb simulating a room with nothing in it.
A room reverb that can add live sound to a dry two-channel mix source.
A room reverb with an emphasized low range, for a powerful sound.
A bright room reverb with extra early reflections.
A room reverb that sounds smaller, but more dense, than “Bright Room 1.”
A standard small room simulation.
A somewhat dead nonlinear small room simulation.
A small room simulation, dark and dead.
A very small room, simulated with short reverb and a dynamic filter.
A short reverb with chorus. Adds a soft ambiance to drums, solos, and
Slightly coarse echo room simulations. Good for vocals and solo instru-
Reverbs that simulate the acoustics inside a long tunnel. “Tunnel 2” is
darker than “Tunnel 1.”
Reverbs that simulate large rooms with marble walls. “Opera” is bright,
whereas “Cathedral” is dark.
No. Title Effect Type*
1 Large Room 1 REVERB
2 Large Room 2 REVERB
3 Live Gate Room REVERB
4 Live Room 1 REVERB
5 Live Room 2
6 Bath Room REVERB
7 Medium Room REVERB
8 Garage REVGATE
9 Ring Studio REVERB
10 Empty Store REVERB
11 Add to Dry Mix REVERB
12 Heavy Bottom REVERB
13 Bright Room 1 REVERB
14 Bright Room 2 REVERB
15 Small Room REVERB
16 Tiny Gate Room REVERB
17 Wood Room REVERB
18 Compact Room REVDFILT
19 Soft Space REV+CHO
20 Room Ambience REVERB
21 Echo Vocal
22 Tunnel 1 REVERB
23 Tunnel 2
24 Opera REVERB
25 Cathedral
* Refer to pages 10 through 13 for details regarding effect types.
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