Connecting the base
Connect the base to the router (internet)
Connect a PC to the router (optional)
You can connect a PC to your telephone using a router to change the settings of the base of your
¤Connect the network connection on your PC to another LAN connection on your router.
¤Insert one plug of the Ethernet
cable into the LAN connection
socket on the side of the base.
¤Insert the second plug of the
Ethernet cable into a LAN
connection socket on the router
As soon as the cable between the telephone and the
router is plugged in and the router is switched on, the
key on the front of the base lights up (paging key).
Data protection information: For more information
on the data saved in relation to the Gigaset.net service,
please go to
The following is based on the condition that your telephone is automatically assigned an IP
address by the router (i.e. DHCP is activated on your router and telephone).
In exceptional cases (e.g. when DHCP is not activated on the router), you must assign a fixed
IP address to the base for LAN access. You must enter this IP address on the handset before
carrying out the following steps.
For further information, please refer to the detailed user guide online at
To enter this information, use the following handset menu:
¤v (press right on the control key) ¤Ï ¤System ¤Local Network ¤(enter the
system PIN if required)
Use the Ethernet cable supplied.
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