Configuring VoIP connections
Start configuration
When your handset is sufficiently charged (approx. 20 minutes after placing it in the charging
cradle), the Message key f flashes on the handset.
Launch the VoIP Wizard
¤Press the Message key f on the handset.
If "New firmware available" is shown on the display, there is a firmware update available for
your telephone. Press the right display key §Yes§. The new firmware will be downloaded. This
takes approx. 6 minutes. The Message key f then flashes again.
¤To start configuration: Press the Message key f.
¤Press the key under the display screen
§Yes§ (= right display key).
¤Press down on the control key s to
scroll through.
¤Press the display key §OK§ to continue.
If the connection wizard doesn't launch as normal or if you cancel the connection wizard, you
can launch it via the following menu on the handset:
¤vControl key ¤Ï ¤Telephony ¤VoIP Wizard
IP Wizard
Start IP
installation wizard?
No Yes
IP Wizard
This wizard helps
you to configure an
IP account and
register it at your
provider so you -
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