Configuring VoIP connections
Provided that your telephone is set to auto-configuration (factory setting), you will see the
following display. Or read on from step §10§.
A list of all possible IP connections will be shown
in the display (IP 1 to IP 6). VoIP connections that
are already configured are marked with ³.
¤If required, press down on the control key s
to select a connection.
¤Press the display key §OK§ to continue.
If you have received a
registration name/
password and a user
name if applicable:
¤Press the display key
¤Go to step §10§.
If you have received an
¤Press the display key
¤Go to step §§9§§.
If your telephone is unable to establish a connection to the Internet, the message Internet
connection not available will be displayed.
¤To show information on the cause of potential errors: Press the display key §Info§.
¤To cancel VoIP wizard and launch the connection wizard: Press the display key §OK§. Go to
step §12§.
Select IP Account
IP 1 ´
IP 2 ´
IP 3 ´
IP 4 ´
IP 5 ´
Back OK
IP Wizard
Do you have a
code for auto
No Yes
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