Configuring VoIP connections
Enter VoIP account data
Depending on your provider, you may be requested to enter another name (User name) if
applicable. Enter this name as described above.
If the User name is identical to the User ID, simply press the right display key §OK§.
If you have entered all the VoIP data fully and correctly, the message "Your IP account is
registered at your provider." will be shown in the display shortly afterwards. The VoIP wizard
will then close.
If your provider is not on this list, cancel the VoIP wizard:
¤Press and hold the End call key a. Your handset will return to idle status.
¤Change the configuration and assignment of the incoming and outgoing connection
using the web configurator. For further information, please refer to the detailed user guide
online at www.gigaset.com/C530ip.
¤To switch between upper/lower case and digit entry: Press the # key (multiple times if
¤To delete incorrectly entered characters: Press the display key Ñ. The character to the left
of the cursor is deleted.
¤To navigate within an entry field: Press right/left on the control key r.
¤Enter the registration name (user
identification) that you received from
your VoIP provider using the digit keys.
Note that this information is case-
¤Press the display key §OK§.
¤Enter the registration password that you
received from your provider using the
digit keys. Note that this information is
¤Press the display key §OK§.
Provider Data
User ID
< C OK
Provider Data
< C OK
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