Assigning an incoming/outgoing connection
Instead of a fixed connection, you can also select Sel. at each call. For each call, you can then
select a connection over which the relevant conversation should be established.
As an additional process, you can launch the connection wizard for each additional handset reg-
istered to the base. For each handset, the following will be displayed consecutively:
Assign connections to handset xxx?
¤Carry out steps a. to f. (see above) for each registered handset.
e. The handset displays the outgoing
connection that is currently set for the
Fixed Line.
¤To retain setting: Press the display key
§OK§. The following step is skipped.
¤To change the setting: Press the display
key §Change§.
f. To set the connection/telephone number
that the handset should use for calling:
¤Press right on the control key v as
often as required until the desired
connection is displayed (in example
IP 1).
¤To save settings: Press the display key
Send Connections
sends calls with
Fixed Line:
Change OK
Connection for
outgoing calls:
< IP 1 >
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