Complete the installation
Complete the installation
Once the settings have been successfully completed, Connection assignment complete is
shown briefly in the display. The handset then switches to idle status.
Example of the display in idle status:
You can configure a further five VoIP connections (VoIP numbers). In the detailed user guide for
your telephone (online at www.gigaset.com/C530ip, you will find comprehensive information
on setting up, configuring new connections and operating the telephone, as well as possible
solutions to frequent questions and problems.
In order to remain available via the Internet at all times, the router must always be connected
to the Internet.
INT 1 14 Oct
Calls SMS
Display shows:
Radio contact between the base and handset:
good to poor: ÐiÑÒ,
no reception: ¼ (red)
Charge status of the batteries:
yy{{ (empty to full)
y flashes red: Batteries almost empty
xyx{ x{(charging)
INT 1: Internal name of the handset
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