In any system using two or more speakers, be sure to match
the connection polarities of all speakers to the amplifier(s) –
e.g. always connect “+” to “+” and “-” to “-”. If the polarities
are not properly matched the speakers will be driven out of
phase and the sound will suffer.
Use only Neutrik NL4FC plugs for connecting Speakon con-
* Illustrations in this manual are for explanatory purposes
only, and may not match the actual appearance of the prod-
uct during operation.
* Company names and product names used in this Owner’s
Manual are trademarks or registered trademarks of their
respective owners.
This product, when used in combination
with amplification and/or additional loud-
speakers, may be capable of producing
sound levels that could cause permanent
hearing loss.
DO NOT operate at high volume levels or at
a level that is uncomfortable. If you experi-
ence any discomfort or ringing in the ears, or
suspect an hearing loss, you should consult
an audiologist.
To protect your speakers
When choosing a power amplifier to use with your speakers,
make sure that its power output matches the speakers’ power
capacity (refer to the Specifications on page 6). Even if the
amplifier’s power output is lower than the speakers’ PGM
(program) power capacity, the speakers may be damaged
when clipping of a high input signal occurs.
The following may cause damage to speakers:
Feedback caused when using a microphone.
Continuous high sound pressure level produced by elec-
tronic instruments.
Continuous high-power output distorted signals.
Popping noises caused by turning on equipment, or by
connecting or disconnecting system components while the
amplifier is turned on.
Poly Switch
All full-range loudspeakers are fitted with a self-resetting
poly switch that protects the high-frequency driver from
damage caused by excessive power.
If a loudspeaker cabinet loses high-frequency output, imme-
diately remove power from the unit and wait for two to three
minutes. They should allow the poly switch to reset. Re-
apply power and check the performance of the high-fre-
quency driver before continuing with the power reduced to a
level that does not cause the poly switch to interrupt the sig-
On the SW115V/SW118V/SW218V sub woofer, the Poly
Switch protects the woofer and a similar routine should be
followed if its output is lost.
Yamaha cannot be held responsible for damage caused by
improper use or modifications to the device.
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