Getting to know your telephone
During a conversation
Display keys
The display keys perform a range of functions depending on the operating situation.
Display key icons p. 64.
Menu guidance
The functions of your telephone are displayed in a menu that consists of several levels. Menu
overview p. 66
Selecting/confirming functions
Main menu
In idle status: Press the centre of the control key . . . use
the control key to select a submenu OK
The main menu functions are shown in the display as icons. The
icon for the selected function is highlighted in colour and the
name of the associated function appears in the display header.
Open the directory
Mute the microphone
Initiate an internal consultation call
Adjust the loudspeaker volume for receiver and handsfree mode
The display keys have a function preset by default in idle status. Change the assign-
ment: p. 54
Confirm selection using OK or press the centre of the control key
One menu level back using Back
Change to idle status Press and hold
Switch function on/off using Change on / off
Activate/deactivate option using Select activated / not activated
Current display key
Display keys
Back Save
Back OK
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