Making calls
Information about the caller
The caller's phone number is displayed. If the caller's number is saved in the directory, the name
is displayed.
Accepting/rejecting call waiting
A call waiting tone indicates a call during an external call. The number or the name of the caller
is displayed if the phone number is transferred.
Reject a call: Options Reject waiting call OK
Accept a call: Accept . . . speak to the new caller. The previous call is placed on hold.
End the call, resume the on-hold call: Press the End call key .
Making internal calls
¤ Press briefly . . . the handset list is opened, this handset is indicated by < . . . use
to select handset or Call all (group call) Press the Talk key
Fast access for group call:
¤ Press briefly
or press and hold
Internal consultation call/internal transfer
Call an external participant and transfer the call to an internal participant or hold a consultation
call with him or her.
¤ . . . the list of handsets is opened . . . use to select a handset or Call all OK
. . . the internal participant(s) are called . . . possible options:
The caller's number will be transferred ( p. 20).
Multiple handsets have been registered to the base station ( p. 44).
Internal calls to other handsets registered to the same base station are free of charge.
You hear the busy tone if:
There is already an internal connection
The handset being called is not available (deactivated, outside of range).
The internal call is not accepted within 3 minutes.
Hold a consultation call:
¤Speak to the internal participant
Return to the external call:
¤Options End active call OK
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