Call lists
Activating/deactivating Message key flashing
Receipt of new messages is displayed by a flashing message key on the handset. This type of
alert can be activated/deactivated for each message type.
In idle status:
¤ Press keys . . . the number 9
appears in the display . . . use to select the message type:
. . . the number 9 followed by the entry (e.g. 975) is displayed,
the current setting for the select message type flashes in the
entry field (e.g. 0) . . . use to set the action for the arrival
of new messages:
¤ . . . confirm selected setting with OK
¤return to idle display without making changes: Back
Call lists
The telephone saves different types of calls (missed, accepted and outgoing calls) in lists.
List entry
The following information is displayed in the list entries:
The list type (in the header)
Icon for the type of entry:
Missed calls,
Accepted calls,
Outgoing calls,
Call on the answer machine
Caller's number. If the number is stored in the directory, the
name and number type ( Phone (Home), Phone (Office),
Phone (Mobile)) are shown instead. In the event of missed
calls, the number of missed calls from this number is also shown
in square brackets.
Date and time of call (if set)
Messages on the network mailbox ¤
missed calls ¤
Messages on the answer machine ¤
The Message key flashes ¤
The Message key does not flash ¤
975 SET:
Back OK
All calls
Today, 15:40 [3]
13.05.17, 18:32
Susan Black
12.05.17, 13:12
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