Network mailbox
Deleting announcements/advisory messages
¤ . . . use to select Answer Machine OK Announcements OK . . .
use to switch between Delete and Del. Advisory Msg. OK Yes
Once the announcement has been deleted, the relevant pre-recorded announcement is used
Setting recording parameters
¤ . . . use to select Answer Machine OK Recordings OK . . . then
The following apply when setting is Automatic:
No new messages available: a call will be picked up after 18 seconds.
New messages available: a call will be picked up after 10 seconds.
When checking messages remotely ( p. 32) it is therefore apparent after 15 seconds that there
are no new messages waiting. No call costs are incurred if the call is ended immediately.
Network mailbox
Entering a number
¤ . . . use to select Answer Machine OK Network Mailbox OK . . .
use to enter or amend the network mailbox number Save
Maximum recording time:
¤Length: . . . use to select timeframe
Recording quality:
¤ Quality . . . use to switch between Long Play and Excellent (at higher
quality, the max. recording time will decrease)
When should a call be picked up:
¤ Ring Delay . . . use to select a time
Save settings:
The network mailbox has been requested from the network provider.
To activate/deactivate the network mailbox use the phone number and a function
code of your network provider. Please contact the network provider if you require any
further information.
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