Notification of appointments/anniversaries
Anniversaries are transferred from the directory and displayed as an appointment. An
appointment/anniversary is displayed in idle status and the selected ringtone plays for
60 seconds as a notification.
Acknowledge and stop the reminder: Press the display key OFF
Displaying missed appointments/anniversaries
The following appointments and anniversaries are saved in the Missed Alarms list:
The appointment/anniversary call was not acknowledged.
The appointment/anniversary was notified during a phone call.
The handset was switched off at the time of the appointment/anniversary.
The last 10 entries are stored. The icon and the number of new entries are shown in the
display. The most recent entry appears at the top of the list.
Opening the list
¤Press the Message key Missed Alarms: OK . . . use to browse through
the list of any appointments
Each entry is displayed with the number or name, date and time. The most recent entry appears
at the top of the list.
Delete an appointment/anniversary: Delete
Displaying/changing/deleting stored appointments
¤ . . . use to select Additional Features OK Calendar OK . . .
use to select day OK . . . the appointment list is displayed . . . use to select date
. . . possible options:
During a call, a reminder is indicated on the handset once with an advisory tone on the
¤ . . . use to select Additional Features OK Missed Alarms OK
Display appointment details:
¤View . . . The appointment settings are displayed
Change appointment:¤View Edit
or Options Edit entry OK
Activate/deactivate appointment:
¤Options Activate/Deactivate OK
Delete appointment: ¤Options Delete entry OK
Delete all appointments for a day:
¤Options Delete all Appoints. OK Yes
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