Multiple handsets
Expanding the functionality of the telephone
Multiple handsets
Up to six handsets can be registered to the base station.
Each registered device is assigned an internal number (1 – 6) and an internal name (INT 1
INT 6). The number or name assigned can be changed.
If all internal numbers have already been assigned at the base station: de-register a handset
that is no longer needed
Registering the handset
A handset can be registered on up to four base stations.
On the base station
¤Press and hold the Registration/Paging key on the base station (approx. 3 secs)
On the handset
¤ . . . use to select Settings OK Registration OK Register
Handset OK . . . use to select the base station (if the handset has already been
registered to four base stations) OK . . . an available base station is sought . . . Enter
system PIN (default setting: 0000) OK
Once registration is complete, the handset returns to idle status. The internal number of the
handset appears in the display, e. g. INT 1. If not, repeat the procedure.
Registration must be initiated on the base station and on the handset.
Both must be carried out within 60 secs.
Maximum possible number of handsets registered to the base station (all internal
numbers assigned): The handset with the highest internal number is replaced by the
new one. If this is not possible, because a conversation is being held on this handset,
for example, the message No availableinternal number is given. De-register a
handset that is no longer required and repeat the registration procedure
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