Operation with a router
Repeater with encryption
Registering a repeater
¤Connect the repeater to the mains power supply Press and hold the Registration/paging
key on the telephone base station (min. 3 secs) . . . the repeater is automatically registered
Up to 2 repeaters may be registered.
The ECO DECT function Maximum Range is activated and the No Radiation function is
deactivated. The settings cannot be changed whilst the repeater is registered.
As soon as a repeater is registered, it will appear in the repeater list under
Settings System Repeater
De-registering a repeater
¤ . . . use to select Settings OK System OK Repeater
OK . . . use to select repeater De-reg. Yes
Operation with a router
When operating on the analogue connection of a router, any echoes that may occur can be
reduced by activating XES mode 1 (XES = eXtended Echo Suppression).
If the XES mode 1 does not sufficiently suppress the occurring echoes: activate XES mode 2.
¤ . . . press one of the following keys
OK Normal mode
OK XES mode 1
OK XES mode 2
Operation with a PABX
To find out which settings are required for a PABX, please refer to the PABX user guide.
Setting Tone or Pulse dialling mode
Encryption is activated (default setting).
If there are no problems with echoes, the normal mode (factory settings) should be
¤ . . . use to select Settings OK Telephony OK Dialling
Mode OK . . . use to select Tone or Pulse Select ( = selected)
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