Switching advisory tones on/off
The handset notifies acoustically about different activities and statuses. These advisory tones
can be switched on/off independently of each other.
¤ . . . use to select Settings OK Audio Settings OK Advisory
Tones OK OK . . . then
Fast access to numbers and functions
Number keys: It is possible to assign a number from the directory to the keys to .
Display keys: The left and right display keys have a function preset by default, but the
keys can be re-assigned.
You can then dial the number or start the function by simply pressing a key.
Assigning a number to digit keys (quick dial)
¤Press and hold the digit key
¤Briefly press the digit key Press the display key QuickDial
The directory opens.
¤ . . . use to select an entry OK . . . use to select a number if necessary OK . . .
the entry is saved to the digit key
Tone when keys are pressed:
¤Key Tones: . . . use to select On or Off
Confirmation/error tone after making entries, advisory tone when a new message has been
¤ Confirmation . . . use to select On or Off
Warning tone when there are fewer than 10 minutes of talktime remaining
(every 60 seconds):
¤ Battery . . . use to select On or Off
Warning tone when the handset is moved out of range of the base station:
¤ Out of Range: . . . use to select On or Off
Save settings: ¤Save
There is no battery warning when the baby monitor is switched on.
A number has not been assigned to the digit key.
If the entry in the directory is deleted later, this will not affect the assignment of the
digit key.
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