Dialling a number
¤Press and hold the digit key . . . the number is dialled immediately
¤Briefly press the digit key . . . the number/name (possibly in abbreviated form) is shown on
the left display key . . . press the display key . . . the number is dialled
Changing the digit key assignment
¤Briefly press the digit key Change . . . the directory is opened . . . possible options:
Assigning display keys, changing assignments
¤Press and hold the left or right display key in idle status . . . the list of possible key
assignments is opened . . . use to select function OK . . . possible options:
Starting a function
With the telephone in idle status: Briefly press . . . the assigned function is executed
Resetting the handset to the default settings
Reset any individual settings and changes that you have made.
¤ . . . use to select Settings OK System OK Handset
Reset OK Yes . . . the handset's settings are reset
Change the assignment: ¤ . . . use to select an entry OK . . . select a number if
required OK
Delete the assignment: ¤Clear Key
INT Open the list of handsets registered to the same base
Quick Dial Assign a number from the directory to the display key
Baby Monitor Set and activate/deactivate baby monitor
Alarm Clock Set and activate/deactivate the alarm clock
Calendar Open calendar
Redial Show redial list
Handset Directory Open the handset's local directory
More Functions... ¤OK . . . use to select other function
Call Lists Show call list
Withhold Number Withhold phone number identification for next call
Call Divert Activate/deactivate Call Divert
The following settings are not affected by a reset
Registration of the handset to the base station
Date and time
Directory entries and call lists
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