Questions and answers
The caller's number is not displayed.
Calling Line Identification (CLI) is not enabled for the caller. The caller should ask the network provider
to enable Calling Line Identification (CLI).
Calling Line Identification Presentation (CLIP) is not supported or enabled by the network provider.
Ask the network provider to enable Caller Line Identification Presentation (CLIP).
The telephone is connected via a PABX or a router with an integrated PABX (gateway) that does not trans-
mit all information.
¥Reset the system: Briefly pull out the power plug. Reinsert the plug and wait until the device restarts.
¥Check the settings on the PABX and activate phone number display, if necessary. To do this, search for
terms such as CLIP, calling line identification, telephone number identification, caller ID, ... in the sys-
tem user guide or ask the system manufacturer.
You hear an error tone when keying in (descending tone sequence).
Action has failed/invalid input. Repeat the process. Read the display and refer to the user guide if nec-
You cannot listen to messages on the network mailbox.
Your PABX is set to pulse dialling. Set your PABX to tone dialling.
No time is specified for a message in the call list.
Date/time are not set. Set the date/time.
Answer machine (only on systems with a local answer machine)
No time is specified for a message in the call list.
Date/time are not set. Set the date/time
The answer machine reports "Invalid PIN" during remote operation.
You have entered the wrong system PIN. Repeat input of system PIN
The system PIN is still set to 0000. Set the system PIN to something other than 0000.
The answer machine is not recording any messages/has switched to answer only mode.
The memory is full. Delete old messages Listen to new messages and then delete
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