Illustration in the user guide
Illustration in the user guide
Example: Switching Auto answer on/off
Warnings, which, if not heeded, can result in injury to persons or damage to devices.
Important information regarding function and appropriate handling or functions
that could generate costs.
Prerequisite for being able to carry out the following action.
Additional helpful information.
or Talk key or Handsfree key
End call key to Number / letter keys
/ Control key rim / centre Message key
Recall key Star key
Hash key
OK, Back, Select, Change, Save, . . . Display keys
¤ . . . use to select Settings OK Telephony OK Auto Answer
Change ( = on)
Step Follow this procedure
¤When in idle status press the centre of the control key.
The main menu opens.
Navigate to the icon using the control key .
Select OK to confirm. The submenu Settings opens.
¤ Telephony
Select the Telephony entry using the control key .
Select OK to confirm. The submenu Telephony opens.
¤Auto Answer The function to switch Auto answer on/off appears as the first menu
¤Change Select Change to activate or deactivate.
Function is activated /deactivated .
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