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The Invalid certificates list contains the certificate used to make the connection. Click on
[Details] to display information about who issued the certificate (certification authority) and for
whom, as well as its validity period.
If you accept the certificate, depending on its type, it is transferred to one of the Server
certificates / CA certificates lists (even if it has already expired). If a server responds again with
this certificate, this connection is accepted immediately.
If you decline the certificate, it is transferred to the Server certificates list with the label
(rejected). If a server responds again with this certificate, this connection is rejected
Connections to base
Manage connections to base:
¤Settings Telephony Connections
This web page displays a list with all possible connections and their status (e. g. Connected,
Registered, Not configured):
Fixed line
You do not have to configure the fixed line network connection. You can make or receive calls
on the fixed line network connection once your phone is connected to the fixed line network
Making changes via [Edit]:
Name of the fixed line network connection. The name entered is shown, e. g. for calls to your
fixed line network connection, in the displays of the registered handsets and in the call list.
Setting Dialling Mode and Flash time. The flash time is set by default for operating the
phone on the main connection. You must change it if necessary if you connect the phone to
a PABX (see the user guide for your PABX).
The Gigaset.net connection is preconfigured in your phone. Your phone is preassigned a
Gigaset.net number. You can activate and deactivate the Gigaset.net connection. If the
connection is deactivated, the phone will not register with the Gigaset.net service. You are then
not available via the Gigaset.net connection.
Making changes via [Edit]:
Name of Gigaset.net connection
Deactivate STUN. The Gigaset.net connection uses a STUN server as standard. In the sent
data packets, Gigaset.net replaces the private IP address of your phone with its public
IP- address. If you operate your phone behind a router with symmetric NAT, STUN cannot be
used. You must deactivate it. Otherwise, when making Gigaset.net calls you will not be able
to hear the caller.
IP1 - IP6
You can assign up to six VoIP connections (VoIP phone numbers) to your phone. You need an IP
account from a provider for each VoIP phone number. Save the access data in your phone.
Set up/change VoIP connections via [Edit]
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