Web configurator
Send and receive connections
For the number assignment, open the web page:
¤Settings Telephony Number Assignment
Assign send and receive connections to the registered handsets and answer machine on the
base :
The fixed line network connection is assigned to each handset automatically when they are
You can assign each handset either a fixed phone number or a line selection. With line
selection, you choose the connection to be used for each call.
The Gigaset.net number is assigned as the fixed send connection for each registered
handset. Numbers that end in #9 are automatically dialled via Gigaset.net.
Once the new entry is made, each connection is assigned to integrated answer machine 1 as
a connection.
Answer machines 2 and 3 are only activated if you have assigned each one at least one
connection. If an answer machine is not activated, it does not appear on the answer machine
list and you cannot activate it.
Each connection can only be assigned to one answer machine.
Activating a fixed line network connection as a fallback send connection
You can activate the fixed line network connection on your phone as a fallback connection. If a
call attempt fails via VoIP (IP connection or Gigaset.net), an attempt is automatically made
(without prompting) to establish a connection via the fixed line network.
¤ . . . In Alternative Connection, activate the Automatic fallback to fixed line option
A fallback is used in the following situations:
The IP connections are busy (you can make calls on a maximum of two IP lines at the same
The SIP server for the VoIP connection cannot be accessed
The VoIP connection has not yet been configured or has not been configured correctly
(e. g. incorrect password)
The phone does not have a connection to the Internet, e. g. because your router is
deactivated or not connected to the Internet.
SMS messages that are to be sent via a VoIP connection are not sent via the fallback connection.
You can avoid having to assign connections to certain phone numbers by using a
dialling plan for these phone numbers.
Deactivate option if you are not connected to a fixed line network (default setting).
Otherwise, you will be switched automatically to the fixed line network if no IP
connection can be established temporarily, e. g. if the phone starts faster than the
router. The phone would therefore not be functional.
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