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User-defined dialling plans
You can define your own dialling plans on the web page:
¤Settings Telephony Dialling Plans
You can specify the following dialling plans:
Specify a connection for phone numbers (Fixed line, Gigaset.net or IP1 - IP6), which should
always be used to dial these phone numbers and therefore also for billing.
If you enter just a few digits (e. g. local area, national or mobile network code) any call to a
number beginning with these digits will be made via the selected connection.
If you block phone numbers, your phone will not establish a connection to these numbers
(e. g. 0190 or 0900 numbers).
These dialling plans apply to all registered handsets. The send connection settings are inactive
when you dial numbers that are governed by a dialling plan.
You can activate and deactivate the dialling plans as required.
Emergency numbers
Dialling plans for emergency numbers (e. g. the local police emergency number) are preset for
certain countries. The fixed line network is set as the Connection.
You should only change these dialling plans if the phone is not connected to the fixed line
network. If you choose an IP connection, please make sure the provider supports calls to
emergency numbers. If the VoIP connection is deleted from the configuration, the emergency
call can no longer be made.
Access codes – dialling plans when connecting to a PABX
If your phone is connected to a PABX, you may have to enter an access code for external calls
(outside line code, e. g. "0").
Save one access code each for fixed line network and VoIP calls and specify when the phone
numbers should be automatically prefixed with the digits.
These settings are available in the Access Code area on the web page:
¤Settings Telephony Dialling Plans
Local area codes – dialling plans for local calls using VoIP
If you use VoIP to make a call to the fixed line network, you may also have to dial the area code
for local calls (depending on the provider). You can avoid having to enter your own local area
code by entering the full area code (with the international code) for the location where you are
using the phone in the phone configuration and activating the Predial area code for local calls
via VoIP option.
These settings are available in the Area Codes area on the web page:
¤Settings Management Local Settings
Dialling plans, with the exception of a block, are not effective if you have assigned the
line selection to a display key on the handset and you explicitly choose a send
connection from the list of available connections before dialling.
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