Web configurator
Defining Recall key functions for VoIP (hook flash)
You can specify the function for the Recall key on the web page:
¤Settings Telephony Advanced VoIP Settings
Your provider may support special performance features. To make use of these features, your
phone needs to send a specific signal (data packet) to the SIP server. You can assign this "signal"
as the Recall function to the Recall key on the handsets. Prerequisite: The Recall key is not used
for call transfer (default setting).
If you press this key during a VoIP call, the signal is sent. This requires that DTMF signalling via
SIP info messages is activated on the phone (see above).
Defining local communication ports for VoIP
The settings for the communication ports are on the web page:
¤Settings Telephony Advanced VoIP Settings
The following communication ports are used for Internet telephony:
SIP port: The communication port via which the phone receives (SIP) signalling data. The
default standard port number is set to 5060 for SIP signalling.
RTP port: Two consecutive RTP ports (consecutive port numbers) are required for each VoIP
connection. Voice data is received via one port and control data via the other. The default
standard port number is set to 5004 - 5020.
This setting only has to be changed if the port numbers are already being used by other
participants in the LAN. You can then specify other fixed port numbers or port number ranges
for the SIP and RTP port.
If several VoIP phones are operated on the same router with NAT, it makes sense to use randomly
selected ports. The phones must then use different ports so that the router's NAT is only able to
forward incoming calls and voice data to one (the intended) phone. Use the web configurator to
specify a port number range for the SIP and RTP port that the ports are chosen from.
E-mail notifications
Save the address of the incoming e-mail server and personal access data for your mailbox in the
base. Specify the time interval at which the phone should check whether the incoming e-mail
server has received new e-mail messages. Specify whether authentication on the incoming
e-mail server should be carried out via a secure connection.
¤Settings Messaging Email
Message Notification
The LED in the message key on the base connected with the handset indicates when a new
message, e. g. a new e-mail, has been received. You can specify for each individual handset what
kind of new message should be displayed.
¤Settings Messaging Message Notification
Call notifications on mobile devices
To receive notifications about newly received calls/messages on your phone on a mobile device
(e. g. your smartphone), you need to register the phone with Gigaset elements.
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