Web configurator
Saving and restoring system settings
Once you have configured your base and after each configuration change, you can save the
current base settings in a file on the PC (suffix .cfg). You can reload the file onto the phone again
when necessary.
¤Settings Management Save and Restore
The contents of the .cfg file include:
The settings for the local network (IP configuration)
The data for the (VoIP) connections established
The assignment of send and receive connections
Your own local area code and access code
The network mailbox number
The Internet services settings
The ECO DECT settings
Firmware Update - Base
Regular updates to the base firmware and the provider profile for VoIP connections (general
provider data) are made available on an Internet configuration server. You can download these
updates onto your base as required. The URL for this server is stored in the base.
¤Settings Management Firmware Update - Base
Starting firmware update
If a new version of the firmware is available, this is downloaded to the base and the base is
restarted. A firmware update lasts approx. six minutes. The duration also depends on the
bandwidth of your DSL connection.
Enabling/disabling the automatic version check
When the version check is enabled, the phone checks on a daily basis whether the Gigaset
configuration server has a new version of the phone firmware.
If the phone is not connected to the Internet at the time when the check is to be performed
(e. g. because the router is disabled), the check is performed as soon as the phone is reconnected
to the Internet.
If a new version is available, a message to this effect is shown on the display of the registered
handsets. You can start the update of the firmware on one of the handsets.
Downgrading firmware
¤You can reload the firmware version that was loaded before the last update on the base.
¤You can reload the firmware version that was loaded by default onto the phone.
The selected firmware is reloaded onto the phone and the current firmware is overwritten.
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