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The phone is not ready for use after initial set-up.
The one-off initialisation phase may take up to 10 minutes.
The display is blank.
The handset is not activated. Press and hold
The battery is empty. Charge the battery or replace it ( p. 12)
"No Base" flashes on the display.
The handset is outside the range of the base station. Move the handset closer to the base station
The base is not activated. Check the base station power adapter
The base station's range is reduced because Maximum Range is deactivated.
¥Activate Maximum Range ( p. 59) or reduce the distance between the handset and base station
"Please register handset" flashes on the display.
The handset has not yet been registered or was de-registered due to the registration of an additional hand-
set (more than 6 DECT registrations). Re-register the handset ( p. 81)
Your settings are not accepted.
The wrong profile has been set. Set Profile Personal . . . then make changes to the device settings
( p. 87).
The handset does not ring.
The ringtone is deactivated. Activate ringtone ( p. 88)
Call forwarding is set. Deactivate call forwarding ( p. 31)
The phone does not ring if the caller has withheld his number.
¥Activate the ringtone for anonymous calls ( p. 61).
The phone does not ring during a specific period or for certain numbers.
¥Check the time control for external calls ( p. 60)
No ringtone/dial tone from the fixed line network.
Incorrect phone cable. Please always use the phone cable supplied or ensure that the pin connections
are correct when purchasing from a retailer ( p. 127).
The connection always terminates after approx. 30 seconds.
A repeater (earlier than Version 2.0) has been activated or deactivated ( p. 84). Switch the handset
off and back on again ( p. 19).
Error tone sounds after system PIN prompt.
You have entered the wrong system PIN. Repeat the process, reset the system PIN to 0000 if required
( p. 98)
Forgotten system PIN.
¥Reset the system PIN to 000 ( p. 98)
The other party cannot hear you.
The handset is "muted". Activate the microphone again ( p. 26)
Some of the network services do not work as specified.
Features are not enabled. Contact the network provider for details.
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