Charging the batteries
¤Charge the batteries fully prior to first use in the
charging cradle or using a standard USB mains
adapter ( p. 13).
The batteries are fully charged when the power icon
disappears from the display.
Attaching the belt clip
The handset has notches on each side for attaching the belt clip.
Attaching the belt clip: Press the belt clip onto the back of the
handset so that the tabs on the belt clip click into place in the
Removing the belt clip: Press the centre of the belt clip firmly
with your right thumb. Push the nail of your left thumb up
between the clip and the casing. Slide the clip upwards to
Changing the display language
You can change the display language, if the telephone has been set to an incomprehensible
¤Press the centre of the control key .
¤Press the keys and slowly and successively . . . the
language settings display appears, the set language
(e. g. English) is highlighted ( = selected).
¤To select a different language: Press the control key until
the desired language is highlighted on the display,
e. g. Francais press the key on the right directly underneath the display to activate the
¤To revert to idle status: Press and hold the End call key
7 h
The battery may heat up during charging. This is not dangerous.
After a time, the charge capacity of the battery will decrease for technical reasons.
Handsets contained in the package have already been registered to the base station.
In the event that a handset is not registered however, (indicated by "Please register
handset"), register the handset manually ( p. 81).
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