Firmware update or VoIP profile download is not carried out.
Display shows Currently not possible: The VoIP connections may be busy or a download/update is already
being carried out. Try again later.
Display shows Server not accessible:
The download server is not available. Try again later.
The router is not available or has no connection to the Internet. Check the connection between the
phone and the router and restart the router if necessary.
The pre-set server address has been changed. Change the address in the web configurator or reset
the base station.
Display shows Transmissionerror XXX: An error occurred while transferring the file. An HTTP error code is
displayed in place of XXX. Repeat the process. If the error occurs again, consult the service department.
You cannot establish a connection to the phone with your PC's web browser.
IP address is incorrect: Request the handset's IP address Try to re-establish the connection.
Check connections between the PC and the base station. Open the command box on the PC send a
ping command to the base station (ping <base station's local IP address>).
You have tried to reach the phone via a secure http (https://...). Retry with http://...
GO functions
The smartphone display does not show the complete phone number and area code.
Country code and local area code are not set correctly. Configuring settings:
With handset: SettingsTelephonyArea Codes
With web configurator: SettingsManagementLocal Settings
No events displayed on the smartphone (e. g. missed call).
You have not selected a connection that can be used to transfer events to your smartphone.
¥Once you have registered the phone with Gigaset elements on the web configurator page Settings
MessagingCall Notification select connection(s)
The name of the participant is not displayed in the events list on your smartphone.
The contact is not available on your smartphone. Enter contact.
The participant number is stored differently in the contact list, e. g. without the area code
¥Configure settings for country code and local area code:
With handset: SettingsTelephonyArea Codes
With web configurator: SettingsManagementLocal Settings
Calling back a missed call from your smartphone.
¥Tap the event entry Missed call tap on the Call back icon.
Answer machine ( p. 46)
No time is specified for a message in the call list.
Date/time are not set. Set the date/time ( p. 95)
The answer machine reports "Invalid PIN" during remote operation.
You have entered the wrong system PIN. Repeat input of system PIN
The system PIN is still set to 0000. Set the system PIN to something other than 0000 ( p. 98).
The answer machine is not recording any messages/has switched to answer only mode.
The memory is full. Delete old messages Listen to new messages and then delete
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