Base station
Connecting to the analogue fixed line network
¤Insert the phone cable into the lower
connection socket at the rear of the base
¤Push both cables into the appropriate cable
channels .
¤Insert the phone cable into the fixed line
network connection .
You can now use your phone to make calls via the fixed line network and you can be reached
on your fixed line network number.
An answer machine in the base station is set with a pre-recorded announcement in answer
and record mode.
Connecting to the Internet
You will need to connect the phone to the Internet for Internet telephony (IP) and access to the
Internet and home network and Gigaset GO functions.
Connecting the base to a router
¤Insert a jack from the Ethernet cable
supplied into the LAN connection
socket at the side of the base station
¤Insert the second jack of the Ether-
net cable into an LAN connection
socket on the router .
As soon as the cable between the tele-
phone and the router is plugged in and the router is switched on, the key on the front of the base
station lights up (paging key).
The phone is now connected to the Internet.
Only use the supplied phone cable. The pin connections of phone cables may vary.
For connecting to the Internet: a router that is connected to the Internet
For Internet telephony: a broadband Internet connection (e.g. DSL) with a flat rate.
In order to be able to use all Gigaset GO functions, you may need to install apps on your
smartphone and apply settings in the phone's web configurator, e.g. registering your
phone with Gigaset elements.
Further information about the settings web configurator
Further information about Gigaset GO can be found at www.gigaset.com/go
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