Setting up an IP account
Send and receive connections
Assign the available phone connections (fixed line network, Gigaset.net and up to six IP
connections) to the end devices as receive and, where necessary, send connections. End devices
are the registered handsets and the three base answer machines.
Receive connection: Phone numbers you may be called on. Incoming calls are forwarded to
the end devices for which the relevant connection is assigned as receive connection.
Send connection: A line that you use for an outgoing call. The corresponding number will be
transferred to the recipient. You can assign each end device a number or the associated
connection as a send connection.
Each connection (number) of your phone can be both a send as well as a receive connection and
can be assigned to several end devices. It may only be assigned to one answer machine as a
receive connection.
Default assignment
All configured connections are assigned to the handsets and answer machine 1 as receive
connections on delivery.
The fixed line network connection is assigned to the handsets as a send connection. If you
have no fixed line network connection, no send connection is assigned.
Change send connections
¤ . . . Use to select Settings OK Telephony OK Send
Connections OK
Select handset:
¤ . . . Use to select the handset on which you wish to change
the default assignment OK . . . the current connection for
outgoing calls assigned to the handset is displayed: Fixed Line
(if you have a fixed line network connection)
Change assignment:
¤ . . . use to select the desired connection or select Sel. at each
call Save
Sel. at each call: For each call, the line on which the call is
established can be selected.
You can now change the default assignment one after the other for
all registered handsets.
Connection for
outgoing calls:
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