Setting up an IP account
Change receive connection
¤ . . . Use to select Settings OK Telephony OK Rec.
Connections OK
Select handset or answer machine :
¤ . . . Use to select the handset or answer machine on which
you wish to change the default assignment OK . . . the display
shows an entry for each available phone connection (IP 1IP 6,
Gigaset.net, Fixed Line)
Change assignment:
¤ . . . Use to select the desired connection . . . use to
select Yes or No (Yes = calls to this connection will be diverted to
the handset/answer machine ) Save
Receive calls for
IP 1:
< Yes >
Receive calls for
Back Save
Only one receive connection can be assigned to one answer machine.
One connection can only be assigned to one answer machine as a receive connection.
If you assign a receive connection to an answer machine and this connection is already
assigned to another answer machine, the "old" assignment is deleted.
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