Gigaset GO: For the fixed line network with a future
Make telephony at home flexible with this Gigaset GO phone. There are three connection
alternatives, as well as all the GO functions.
Making calls using the analogue fixed line network
Connect the phone to your analogue fixed line connection (PSTN). Plug the phone cable into the
fixed line connection. You can then
Use the analogue line to make phone calls
Use the integrated answer machine
Use the other functions of your Gigaset phone (directory, call lists etc.)
Making calls over the Internet
Connect the phone to a router. In this case, ignore the phone cable and plug the network cable
into a LAN connection on your router. Register the phone with your internet telephony provider
(IP). With this connection, you can
Make two calls at the same time
Assign a separate number to each handset
Make calls using different telephony providers
Set up three answer machines with individual recording and advisory texts
Use the other functions of your Gigaset phone (directory, call lists etc.).
Making calls using the analogue fixed line network and over the Internet
If you have both an analogue fixed line connection and an Internet connection, you can use the
functions of both connections, e. g. make a fixed line call and two Internet calls at the same time.
New functions of the Gigaset GO phones
In addition to the functions of previous analogue or IP phones, Gigaset GO phones also offer
further new options:
Make calls between Gigaset GO phones across the world free of charge via Gigaset.net
Display online services information, e. g. weather tickers
Use online directories (not available in all countries)
Use cloud services and smartphone apps for connecting between fixed line network
phones and smartphones: e. g. receive notifications on your smartphone if there is an
incoming call or a voice message on the GO phone at home or transfer smartphone
contacts to the GO phone
Further information about Gigaset GO can be found at
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