Getting to know your telephone
The functions in the submenus are displayed as lists.
To access a function: . . . use the control key to select a
function OK
Return to the previous menu level:
¤Press the display key Back
¤Briefly press the End call key
Returning to idle status
¤Press and hold the End call key
Entering text
Input position
¤Use to select an entry field. A field is activated when the
cursor is blinking inside it.
¤Use to move the position of the cursor.
Correcting incorrect entries
Delete characters to the left of the cursor: Press briefly
Delete words to the left of the cursor: Press and hold
Entering letters/characters
Multiple letters and numbers are assigned to each key between
and and the key. As soon as a key is pressed, the
possible characters are displayed at the bottom of the display. The
selected character is highlighted.
Selecting letters/digits: Press the key briefly several times in succession
Switch between lower case, upper case and number entry mode: Press the hash key
When editing a directory entry, the first letter and each letter following a space is automati-
cally in upper case.
Entering special characters: Press the star key . . . use to navigate to the
desired character Insert
If no key is pressed, the display will automatically change to idle status after around
2 minutes.
The availability of special characters depends on the language setting.
Audio Settings
Display & Keypad
Back OK
New Entry
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