Making calls
Making calls
Making calls
¤ . . . use to enter the number briefly press the Talk key
The connection is selected via the send connection set for the handset (line). To use another line:
¤Press and hold the Talk key . . . use to select the line Dial . . . use to enter
the number . . . the number is dialled approximately 3 seconds after the last digit is entered
Cancel dialling: Press the End call key
Dialling from the directory
¤ . . . use to open the directory . . . use to select an entry press the Talk key
If multiple numbers are entered:
¤ . . . use to select a number press the Talk key . . . the number is dialled
Dialling from the redial list
The redial list contains the 20 numbers last dialled with the handset.
¤Briefly press the Talk key . . . the redial list is opened . . . use to select an entry
press the Talk key
If a name is displayed:
¤View . . . the number is displayed . . . use to browse numbers if necessary . . . when
the desired number is reached press the Talk key
Information for Calling Line Identification: S. 30
If the display backlight is deactivated, you can reactivate it by pressing any key. Digit
keys that are pressed appear in the display for pre-dialling, other keys have no further
For fast access (quick dial): Assign numbers from the directory to the digit or display
Choose from: a public directory S. 42, the Gigaset.net directory S. 44
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