Making calls
Making internal calls
¤ Press briefly . . . the handset list is opened, this handset is indicated by < . . . use
to select handset or Call all (group call) Press the Talk key
Fast access for group call:
¤ Press briefly
or press and hold
Internal consultation call/internal transfer
Call an external participant and transfer the call to an internal participant or hold a consultation
call with him or her.
¤ . . . the list of handsets is opened . . . use to select a handset or Call all OK
. . . the internal participant(s) are called . . . possible options:
Establishing a conference call/call swapping
Conduct a call while a second call is being held. Both callers are indicated on the display.
Call swapping: Use to swap between both participants.
Establish a three-way conference call: Conf.
End a conference call: End Conf. . . . You have been connected back to external participant
. . . use to swap between both participants
The other participants end the conference call using the End call key .
Multiple handsets have been registered to the base station ( S. 81).
Internal calls to other handsets registered to the same base station are free of charge.
You hear the busy tone if:
there is already an internal connection,
The handset being called is not available (deactivated, outside of range).
The internal call is not accepted within 3 minutes.
Hold a consultation call:
¤Speak to the internal participant
Return to the external call:
¤Options End active call OK
Transfer the external call when the internal participant has answered:
¤Announce an external call Press the End call key
Transfer the external call before the internal participant answers:
¤Press the End call key . . . the external call is forwarded
immediately. If the internal participant does not answer or the line
is busy, the external call will automatically return to you.
End the internal call if the internal participant does not answer or the line is busy:
¤End . . . You return to the external call
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