Making calls
Accepting/rejecting call waiting
An external call arriving during an internal call is indicated with a call waiting tone. If the number
is transferred, you will see the number or the name of the caller on the display.
Rejecting a call: Reject
The call waiting tone is turned off. The call continues to be indicated on the other registered
Accepting a call: Accept . . . Speak to the new caller, the previous call is placed on hold.
Internal call waiting during an external call
If an internal participant attempts to call you while you are involved in an external or internal call,
this call is shown on the display (Call Waiting).
End display: Press any key
Accept the internal call: End your current call
The internal call is indicated in the usual way. You can accept the call.
During a conversation
Handsfree mode
Activating/deactivating handsfree mode during a call, when establishing a connection and
when listening to the answer machine :
¤Press the handsfree key
Call volume
Applies to the current mode, handsfree mode or handset (or headset when the handset has a
headset connection):
Muting the microphone
When the microphone is switched off, callers will no longer hear you.
Switch the microphone on/off during a call: Press .
Placing the handset in the charging cradle during a call:
¤Press and hold down the handsfree key . . . Place the handset in the charging
cradle . . . hold for a further 2 seconds
Press the volume keys / or . . . Use / or to set the volume Save
The setting is automatically saved after around 3 seconds, even if Save is not pressed.
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