Making calls via the Internet (VoIP)
Using an alternative connection/connection list on the display key
¤Press the display key Sel. Line . . . Use to select the connection Dial . . . Use
to enter the number . . . The number is dialled approximately 3.5 seconds after the last digit
is entered
Any dialling plan that has been defined for the dialled phone number is ignored. The selected
send connection is always used.
Calling an IP address (provider-dependent)
¤Use the star key to separate the sections of the IP address (e. g. 149*246*122*28).
¤Use the hash key to attach the SIP port number of the call participant to the IP address
(e. g. 149*246*122*28#5060).
If the provider does not support the dialling of IP addresses, each part of the address will be
interpreted as a normal phone number.
Incoming calls
Accept a call: Press the Talk key
Reject a call: Press the End call key
Diverting a call to answer machine: Options Divert to AM
Call transfer
Connecting an external call to a VoIP connection with a second external participant (depending
on the provider).
¤Use the display key Ext. Call to establish an external consultation call . . . Use to enter
the number of the second participant . . . The active call is placed on hold . . . The second
participant is called and picks up Press the key . . . the call is transferred
An "alternative connection" or the list of all configured connections is assigned to a
display key.
Only calls to the receive connections assigned to the handset are signalled.
If no receive connections have been assigned, all incoming calls are signalled on all
registered handsets.
If receive connections are configured but a connection is not assigned to a handset or
answer machine, calls for this connection are not signalled.
If the number is only assigned to an answer machine, the call will not be signalled. If
the answer machine is switched on, it will accept the call.
Further settings for call transfer in Web configurator
¤Settings Telephony Advanced VoIP Settings
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