Provider-specific functions (network services)
Provider-specific functions (network services)
Network services depend on the network (analogue fixed line network or IP telephony) and on
the network provider (service provider) and must be requested from that provider if required.
You will find a description of the features on your network provider's website or at one of their
store branches.
If you require assistance, please contact your network provider.
Network services fall into two distinct groups:
Network services that are activated when in idle status for the following call or all subsequent
calls (for example, "calling anonymously"). These are activated/deactivated via the
Select Services menu.
Network services that are activated during an external call, (for example,"consultation call",
"swapping between two callers" and "setting up conference calls"). These are made available
during an external call either as an option or by using a display key (e.g. Ext. Call,
Calling Line Identification
During a call, the caller's number is transferred (CLI = Calling Line Identification) and may be dis-
played on the recipient's display (CLIP = CLI presentation). If the caller's number is withheld, it
will not be displayed to the recipient. The call is made anonymously (CLIR = CLI Restriction).
Caller display for incoming calls
Calling Line Identification
The caller's phone number is displayed. If the caller's number is saved in the directory, the name
is displayed.
No Calling Line Identification
Instead of name and number, the following is displayed:
External: No number has been transferred.
Withheld: Caller has withheld Calling Line Identification.
Unavailable: Caller has not authorised Calling Line Identification.
Requesting network services may incur additional costs. Please consult your network
To activate/deactivate the features, a code is sent to the telephone network.
¤ After a confirmation tone from the telephone network, press
It is not possible to reprogram the network services.
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