Provider-specific functions (network services)
Transferring the name from the online directory
It is also possible to display the name of the caller as stored in the online directory instead of the
Call waiting during an external call
During an external call, a call waiting tone indicates another
external caller. If the number is being transferred, you will see the
number or the name of the caller on the display.
Reject waiting caller:
¤Options Reject waiting call OK . . . the waiting
caller hears the busy tone
Accept the waiting call:
Once you have accepted the waiting call, you can switch
between the two callers (Call swapping p. 33) or speak to
both simultaneously (Conference p. 34).
Activating/deactivating call waiting
¤ . . . use to select Select Services OK Call Waiting OK . . . then
Call waiting is activated or deactivated for all registered handsets.
Call divert
When diverting a call, the call is forwarded to another connection.
A distinction is made between
Diverting calls to an external phone number and
Diverting calls internally
The provider of the online directory supports this function.
The "Display caller name" function has been activated via the Web configurator.
The caller has authorised Calling Line Identification and has not withheld the
The telephone is connected to the Internet.
The caller's number is not saved in the handset's local directory.
Switch on/off: ¤Status: . . . use to select On or Off
Activate: ¤Send
Call Waiting
Accept Options
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