Message lists
Activating/deactivating Message key flashing
Receipt of new messages is displayed by a flashing message key on the handset. This type of
alert can be activated/deactivated for each message type.
In idle status:
¤ Press keys . . . the number 9
appears in the display . . . use to select the message type:
. . . the number 9 followed by the entry (e.g. 975) is displayed,
the current setting for the select message type flashes in the
entry field (e.g. 0) . . . use to set the action for the arrival
of new messages:
¤ . . . confirm selected setting with OK
¤return to idle display without making changes: Back
Messages on the network mailbox ¤
missed calls ¤
new SMS ¤
Messages on the answer machine ¤
The Message key flashes ¤
The Message key does not flash ¤
Gigaset GO: The telephone will send a notification of newly received calls to your
The Gigaset elements app has been installed on the smartphone.
The telephone has been registered with Gigaset elements
( web configurator).
Further information about Gigaset GO can be found at www.gigaset.com/go
975 SET:
Back OK
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