Local handset directory
Copying number to the directory
Copy numbers to the directory:
From a list e.g. the call list or the redial list
From the text of an SMS
When dialling a number
The number is displayed or highlighted.
¤Press the display key or Options Copy to Directory OK . . . possible options:
Create a new entry:
¤<New Entry> OK . . . use to select number type OK complete entry Save
Add number to an existing entry:
¤ . . . use to select an entry OK . . . use to select number type OK . . . the
number is entered or a prompt to overwrite an existing number is displayed . . . if
required, answer the prompt with Yes /No Save
Copying an entry/directory
From a public online directory or classified directory
The sending and receiving handset must both be registered to the same base station.
The other handset and the base station are able to send and receive directory entries.
An external call interrupts the transfer.
Caller pictures and sounds are not transferred. Only the date is transferred for an
Both handsets support vCards:
No entry with the name is available: a new entry is created.
An entry with the name is already available: The entry is expanded to include the
new numbers. If the entry contains more numbers than allowed by the recipient
handset, a second entry is created with the same name.
The recipient handset does not support vCards:
A separate entry is created and sent for each number.
The sending handset does not support vCards:
A new entry is created on the receiving handset and the transferred number is added
to the Phone (Home) field. If an entry with this number already exists, the copied num-
ber is discarded.
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