Online directories
Online directories
Depending on the provider you can use public online directories, e. g. online directory and Yel-
low Pages.
Exclusion of liability
Gigaset Communications GmbH assumes no guarantee or liability for the availability of this
service. The service may be discontinued at any time.
Opening an online directory/Yellow Pages
¤ Press and hold . . . The list of online directories is displayed with provider-specific
names . . . Use to select the online directory or Yellow Pages from the list OK
Searching for an entry
¤ Press and hold . . . Use to select a directory/Yellow Pages OK . . . Use to
enter search criteria . . . Use to switch between the entry fields Search . . . then
Searching for a telephone number: Enter name and town/city
Town/city details unclear: . . . possible town/city names are displayed . . . use to select a
town/city name OK
Searching for a name (reverse search): Enter the number
The online directory is configured via the Web configurator.
Calls to the online directory are always free of charge.
Name/category: ¤ . . . use to enter the name or the category (max. 30 characters)
Town/city: The names of towns/cities most recently entered are displayed
(maximum 5).
¤ . . . Use to enter the name of the town/city in which the
participant you are searching for lives (max. 30 characters)
¤or select one of the displayed town/city names using
Start search: ¤Search . . . the search will be started
Number: ¤ . . . Use to enter the number (max. 30 characters)
Start search: ¤Search . . . the search is started
The selected online directory supports the number search.
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