Gigaset.net directory
Displaying an entry
¤ . . . Use to select participant from the hit list View . . . The display shows the
Gigaset.net number and the participant's name. The name may appear over a number of
¤ . . . Use to display the name and number of the next/previous participant in the hit list
Copying an entry to the local directory
¤ . . . use to select entry Options Copy to Directory OK . . . use to select
<New Entry> or an existing entry OK change entry if necessary Save . . . The entry is
saved, number and name (abbreviated if necessary, max. 16 characters) are copied to the
local directory
Calling a Gigaset.net participant
¤From the Gigaset.net directory: . . . Use to select participant in the hit list Press the
Talk key
¤Enter number directly (in idle status): . . . Use to enter a Gigaset.net number
(including #9) Press the Talk key
¤From the local directory: Briefly press . . . Use to select a Gigaset.net phone
number Press the Talk key
Editing and deleting your own entry
¤ Press and hold Gigaset.net OK Options Own Details OK . . . The
Gigaset.net number and the current name are displayed.
Entering/editing a name:
¤Change . . . Use to delete the name if necessary . . . Use to change the name
or enter a new name (max 25 characters) Save
Every number ending with #9 is automatically dialled via Gigaset.net.
Calls to the Gigaset.net directory are always free of charge.
Note the data protection notice p. 100.
If the name is deleted, the entry is deleted from the directory and will not longer be
"visible" to other Gigaset.net participants. The Gigaset.net number can still be reached.
Display a number during a call: Options Service Info OK
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