Local answer machine
Answer machine
Local answer machine
Switching the answer machine on/off
The answer machine can be set to the following modes:
¤ . . . use to select Answer Machine OK Activation OK . . .
use to select Answer Machine (if more than one answer machine is available) Change
. . . then
Once the telephone has been set up, an answer machine (AB1) is activated. There are
two further answer machines available if, in addition to the fixed line connection, VoIP
connections have been configured and one or more receive connections have been
assigned to the answer machines.
Each answer machine only accepts calls that are addressed to one of its receive
connections and can only be operated using handsets to which at least one of its
receive connections has been assigned.
Receive connections can be set up using the web configurator.
Answer & record The caller hears an announcement and is able to leave a message.
Answer only The caller hears an announcement but cannot leave a message.
Alternating The mode switches between Answer & record and Answer only at
pre-determined times.
Switch on/off: ¤Activation: . . . use to select On or Off
Set mode: ¤ Mode . . . use to select mode
Set the time for Alternating mode:
¤ . . . use to switch between Record from and Record until . . .
use to enter hours/minutes in 4-digit format to set the start and
end of the period. (The time must be set.)
Save settings: ¤Save
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